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AJELLO feat. FRED VENTURA ‘I’m Not Ready’ Vinyl 12″ Out Now on Clone Records

18. February 2009 Blog |
clone.jpg Ajello & Fred Ventura¬† - I’m Not Ready - 12″
Clone 2008
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AJELLO & Fred Ventura New single on Clone!!
Album sampler of the Fred Ventura classic cuts album release. Two special tracks that have never been released before. A side is a sublime edit version by Fabric resident dj Craig Richard of the I-f track (ft Fred Ventura) I Cut My Heart Out. Craig made the track more suitable for modern club use, and he has been playing this edit version since months. He received so many reactions on the track of people who went total nuts (and some even cried when he played the intense and emotional song!). We thought this is the right moment to make it available for everyone. On the b-side we have a slamming italo disco monster which Fred produced together with Ajello. Super phat basslines (slightly reminding us of classic Bobby Orlando tracks) and typical italo disco synths. Two completly different tracks both featuring the emotional vocals of Fred Ventura. Timeless piece of dance music!

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