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Since their arrive in Mantra house, Ajello prepared a series of singles which has made them to be known to the widest electronic scene. .
Italo X-perimento/Robopop” has reached the third place in the Zzub chart receiving the compliments by John Digweed, Layo & Bushwacka and Rob Mello; then they produced a cover of “Lobotomy” from band N.E.O.N. included in the “Confuzed Disco” project a retrospective of the italo-disco-wave ‘80s classics from Expanded Music back catalogue before coming out with the melancholic saga, Amore Alieno” (remixed by Cagedbaby) and the latin ‘Rhumba’ which sees the remix of the west coast future heroes to be Nick Chacona & Anthony Mansfield. .
While the Italian Football team was winning the World Cup, the italo-pop-house single ‘I Wanna Be Italian Too‘, was jigging in the clubs. .

Spasm Odyssey holds this and more. 80’s Italo Disco sounds twinkle to the new wave and the most seminal electro pop, mixing to delirious rumors which recalls to the hard movies atmospheres. “Donna Droid” is an example, a freaky intro toots to a basic lesson of the 90’s disco dance; “Pumpeeno”, more careless it’s irreverent as the title itself (we are not going to translate it but it’s a sexual act). “Heart On fire” and “Fake Boy”, this last one featuring Angel, are a perfect balancing between pop and dance, winking to the modern electroclash with an after-taste of 80’s Disco.

‘Spasm Odyssey’ is a real ‘Odyssey’ of sounds, colours and vibes, a perfect space journey to warm you up during
winter nights. Because Ajello …loves you!

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Listen to Spasm Odyssey View Booklet

1. Intro Humano

2. I Wanna Be Italian Too

3. Amore Alieno

4. Electra Complex

5. Etera R-R-Robot Prelude

6. Donna Droid

7. Pumpeeno

8. Smyla

9. Heart On Fire

10. Rhumba

11. Radio Ajello

12. Fake Boy

13. Parce Que Je Dance

14 Espacio Sexual

15. Spasm-Outro