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“4 da People” Reviews 2005, english

IDJ magazine #062

DJ Rocca & 5th Suite
4 da People/Pulse Hard
Mantra Breaks (It)

Move over Pavarotti. Larry’s got a new favourite italian! Both these cuts are peak time rollers with plenty of energy and bundless of bass. ‘4 da People’ kiks off with bashment-style beat before rolling into a grimy number laced with old-skool beats and disco synth stabs. Whith its pulsating bass and electro beat. ‘Pulse hard’ is a bit subtler, but is still guaranteed to light the dancefloor.

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“Made In Italy EP” Reviews (2004, english)

“Made In Italy EP” Reviews
December 2004

BPM (Jan 2005; #60)
Made In Italy EP
Various (Functional Breaks)
This is pure bootylicious-electro-ghetto-psycodelic-funk. Egyptian Lover, eat your heart out! All 4 cuts will get them rockin 80ís breakiní style. There’s nothing shy here. Just pure, get down on it, where’s your momma at, bump. 5/5 (Jonathan Ojeda)

M8 Magazine
A varied selection of tracks here from some serious ones to watch
Me favourites are A1 & B1, the production seems to stand out a lot more and am feeling the vibes. A1 – peak time B1 mid set
Tom Real

Artist: 5th Suite/Dj Rocca
Track: Una Funker/Out!/Can You Freak It
Label: Functional Breaks

A collection of tracks from “5th Suite” & “Dj Rocca”.
The Italian crew throw together a menagerie of various beats, and sadly, very obvious samples, the sounds don’t really seem to have much impact and the production is a little weak on tracks, Una Funker & Out!.
But move onto track three and “Can You Freak It,” manages to save the day with cool vocal samples, and a crisp rhythm section. “Howie B” also makes an appearance on “Can You Freak It”, and takes control to twist and turn in some serious fx’s action. Just right for our sets.

A1 - Good
A2 - Good
B1 - Good
B2 - Fair

Name: Pete Jordan
Chart Position: 9

Comments: Solid, but no real stand out track for me. Una Funker would be much better without the sample. Still high quality from the Italian Maffia, perhaps just not as strong as the last few releases.

Pete Spectrum

Got the FB032 this week. I’ve enjoyed it a lot… Here is my review

Side A1 Excellent
Side A2 Excellent (the best)
Side B1 Good
Side B2 Good

Side A1
Simple but effective bass ripping breaks. The familiar vocal hook that Krafty Kuts has used before is very funky and always gets interest. Its funky but tough too. Ideal late warm up session floor filler.

Side A2
I really dig the funky bass line intro -sounds very like early freestylers almost. I like the switch that goes on after the intro as it becomes one of those tunes that can seemlessly change the mood of a night.
I can see this being a huge late night tune coz the bass line is very quirky, original and a monster. My favourite of them all.

Side B1
This is the weakest of the original material for me -it just doesnt stand out on its own as much.

Side B2
This is slightly better than the original becuase it all sounds a little simpler and cleaner and much better EQed. The build up in it is wicked adn I was ready for the mother of all breaks, which never happened and that made this tune a real let down. Kind of like having sex but not coming. Why does the b-line drop out??? Could have been the best of the lot.

Chuckling Boy
Dropped the lastest release last night at Lashed and it done the job nicely!
In the chart!
DJ Paterson

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