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Dj Rocca

“Good Old Rollin’ EP” (Mantra Breaks) Dj Mag, Aprile 2005

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Dj Mag, Aprile 2005 - IDJ, Aprile 2005 - M8 TR, Aprile 2005

Chart Positions

# 9 Zzub chart ­ DMC Update (16.03.05)
# 28 Breaks & Beats Chart ­ DJ Magazine (08.04.05)

Specialist Radio Support
Metrofunk ­ MoS Radio

DJ Comments

Sneaky aka Ollie Lewis (Supercharged, Audio - Brighton) ‘Mantra Breaks just don’t stop! Really like the italo disco stylings on this one funky as fuck! ‘

Larry Nelson (Holodeck / New Mix / Funk-A-Tronic (Dublin)/Like Minded People - Cardiff and Bristol) ‘Quality bundle - like the dubby touch on the b slow and funky!’

Dominic B /Stanton Warriors (Various - Worldwide) ‘good stuff’


Carl Loben (DJ Magazine / Various - London ) ‘Really like this. ‘


Geoff Ticehurst (Urban Gorilla / Zero - Sheffield) ‘Took a few listens and not the strongest Mantra release but still does the job very well. Like the electro-house-like bassline.’ Favourite Track / Mix: A. ŒAt The Train’

Jim Bingham (Swim Audio, Various - Brighton , London) ‘Another quality release from Mantra all good but the Maffia mix of Give Up is brilliant. Definitely makes an impression on the dancefloor’

Jay Cunning (Ram Records (The End) and In Beats We Trust (Russia) - London) ‘3 really good tracks on here really feelin this ep!’ Sonia Akow (Breakfish/ Supertronix / various uk/ worldwide - london) ‘Good Old Rollin - Liking it - the 2 tracks on B are interesting and preferrable. ‘

Andy Gardner /Plump DJ’s (Fabric / Various - Worldwide) ‘the acid house influences on this tune are inspired. My only problem is the drums which could have a bit more weight to my ears. Still a great warm up though.’ Favourite Track / Mix: A. ŒAt The Train’

Dan Holmes (Various world wide - Midlands) ‘A1 & B1 are Ok Nice pacakage agood balance should do well.’

Graeme Martin (electric lady / the Reading Rooms - Dundee) ‘Not my thing really but the downtempo number works’

Jeff Reed (Sonic Mook / Future Rock N Roll / Slack Sabbath / Label Catastrophic - Worldwide) ‘gaining interest in the UK and got good reactions in USA gigs too… expect
to be a dark horse in the breaks stakes.’ Favourite Track / Mix: A. ŒAt The Train’

Andrew Kornweibel (Chew The Fat! - Worldwide) ‘A nice laid back affair showing another side to the Mantra stable. Quality!

Les Wilkins (various - Mostly Wales, some in England) ‘like the unusual sound and percussion on B! but do not like the vocal. The dubbier sound of B:2 fits some of my setsm and its the only one I might play.’ Favourite Track / Mix: B2. ŒDubby Jay’

Andy Durrant (The Breaks Bar/ Retox Covent Garden - London) ‘More of a radio play than a club tune for me.’ Favourite Track / Mix: B1. ŒGive Up!’

Ann Docherty (Headcharge / Sheffield Live - Various) ‘Personal - YesDancefloor - In the BoxChart position - 2Fave x - AYet another piece of brilliant vinyl from Mantra. Where do they keep finding them? Major reaction from the floor.’

Danny Toft (ShowNoShame - Manchester, UK) ‘one of the worst Mantra releases however still good tracks! Just shows the qwuality that is coming out on Mantra these days!Dubby Jay for me!!’ Favourite Track / Mix: B2. ŒDubby Jay’

Simon Dehany and Mark Turner (Chew The Fat - The End, What Goes Around… - Harlem, Sonorous - The Bug Bar, Various - The Medicine Bar / Harlem - London ) ‘A solid bit of chunky breaks. nothing special but it dos the job. B2 is our favourite ‘

Russ Holborough (dragon - i - hong kong) ‘I like mantra a lotbut sometimes a breaks record is just another breaks recordand this is one of them.That doesnt mean its not good just that it doesnt stand out that much.So ive pipped for the interesting dubby jay which has more of a lasting appeal…thanks…russ’ Favourite Track / Mix: B2. ŒDubby Jay’

Dave Henley (pressure drop) (various guest spots - Brighton) ‘Quality as always from the talented Mr. Roccatagliati’ Favourite Track / Mix: B2. ŒDubby Jay’ Peter Griffiths (Breakspoll After Party @ Egg, Swarm (Newcastle) - Newcastle Upon Tyne) ‘Love this very diverse EP from DJ Rocca! Give up does the damage with its Jazz Intro DNB beats and heavy Subs!’ Favourite Track / Mix: B1. ŒGive Up!’

Mark Nicholson (The Milk Run / BBC Radio One - UK) ‘The A Side is the boring side for me and the other 2 tracks are where it’s at Give Up! Is dirty and stupid just the way I like it and my favourite is Dubby Jay cos it’s a damn fine little tune and I’ll be using both of these tracks very soon.’

Xander (Resident DJ for Romp, Flux Magazine, Phush ­ Manchester) ‘This is wicked. I really liked that last Mantra 12′ Favourite Track / Mix: B1. ŒGive Up!

7 Magazine (2000, english)

7 Magazine
Issue 51 May 24th 2000
The Worldwide 7 zzub Chart
97 – 99 FM BBC Radio 1 Worldwide: Gilles Peterson
View Chart

ATM Magazine (2000, english)

Issue 48 2000 pp.61
(Drum & Bass reviews)

The Maffia ft. Rocc@ - Made in Italy – Pivotal
Pivotal has made it’s maiden voyage into the D&B scene, now it’s on the up and up. Peshay’s lucrative label takes on it’s third outing for the jazz funk Drum & Bass enthusiast. This time, Peshay presents the Maffia featuring DJ Rocc@ with a tasty slice of funked up spice. This encorporated the entire cocopheny of jazzical sounds we’ve all come to expect from anything Pesh related. This is an intense journey into the realms of jazz funk production and break beat intelligence, with a tasty conglomoration of gently percussive beats to work your aural pallette into a frenzy of musical conception. Also watch out for the blazin’ “Places and Spaces” by Peshay.

Dj Magazine (2000, english)

Vol. 2 No. 64 6 – 19 May 2000
(D & B Singles)

Maffia feat. Dj Rocca
“Made in Italy / Peshay remix
Amazing Hammond chords straight outta Detroit are soon joined by a supreme summer flute and chunky cello pluck two step. Perfect summer tune to roll alongside Sold State’s tune on this page. Peshay mix emphasises the right vibes on the flip.

Echoes Magazine (2000, english)

Echoes Magazine
April 2000

Rocc@ is one of Italy’s premier DJ’s and over the years he’s encompassed rare groove, acid jazz and drum & bass in his musical vision. For this lovely 12”, he’s managed to mix feel-good soul with kicking breaks, ending up with the ultimate summer tune. The beats are minimal but steady, that fretless bass flows and the flute just flies all over the track. On the flip, however, Peshay has turned in a downtempo remix, cutting the groove into half time and strutting cheekly, urban bikini music. Love it. (3/5)

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