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AJELLO feat. FRED VENTURA ‘I’m Not Ready’ Out Now on Clone Records

26. October 2008 Blog |
disco-modernism.jpg Ajello feat. Fred Ventura - I’m Not Ready (Savino Mix)
Clone 2008
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AJELLO feat. FRED VENTURA ‘I’m Not Ready’ out now on Clone!!
Happy to announce a collaboration with amazing voice of Fred Ventura on the track ‘I’m Not Ready” remixed by Savino, out onĀ  Clone CD album “Disco Modernism”.
Soon it follow a 12″ on vinyl with the track, a slamming italo disco monster which Fred produced together with Ajello. Super phat basslines (slightly reminding of classic Bobby Orlando tracks) and typical italo disco synths.
Fred Ventura is 25 years active in the music business and that’s being celebrated with a nice anniversary collection with some of the best tracks he’s done! A limited edition CD release with 12 tracks produced by Fred together with guys such as I-f, Mauro Farina, Alden Tyrell, Roberto Turatti and others. Classic tracks from the very obscure ‘Love Theme’ from ‘Flexxy Ball’ to the master piece with I-f ‘I cut my Heart out’ and a previously unreleased track with Ajello! 25 years of classic timeless dance music by Fred Ventura and friends!

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