DJ Rocca

Best of 2010 Chart

1.   Daniel Maloso “Ritmo Especial” (Comeme)
2.   The Heels Of Love  “Quiet Please (Ajello Remix)” (Mad On the Moon)
3.   Crimea X “Prospective (Album)” (Hell Yeah!)
4.   Hungry Ghost “Illuminations (Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca Remix)” (International Feel)
5.   Ajello “Silver Tears EP” (Rebirth)
6.   Michoacan “In The Dark Of The Night (Clap Rules Remixes)” (DFA)
7.   Ichisan/Nakova “Pionir (Discodromo Remix)” (Nang)
8.   Space Ranger “Shave Me I’m Famous (Ajello Remix)” (Love Monk)
9.   Davis “Nautica EP” (D-Edge Records)
10.  Ajello “Crystal Babe” (Gomma)
11.   Justin Vandervolgen “Clapping Song” (Golf Channel)
12.   Lone  “Angel Brain” (Magic Wire)
13.   Aeroplane “Superstar (The Krays Remix)” (Eskimo)
14.   T-Coy “Carino (MCDE Remix)” (Deconstruction)
15.   Ajello “Jr Pump” (Demo Disc)
16.   Art Department “Without You” (Crosstown Rebel)
17.   Chamboche “Closer (Runaway Remix)” (Under The Shade)
18.   Dimitri From Paris “Rock This Town (Ajello Remix)” (D:Vision)
19.   Space Ranger “Chocolate Bar” (Plimsoll)
20.  Los Massieras “Rumore D’Amore (Cocktail D’Amore Rework)” (Bananamania)

October 2010 Chart

1.   Space Ranger “Chocolate Bar” (Plimsoll)
2.   Ajello  “Jr Pump” (Demo Disc)
3.   Exquisite Taste “It’s You That’s Happening (Instrumental)” (Starlite)
4.   Crystal Fighters “Follow (Diskjokke Remix)” (Different)
5.   Xclusiv “Fools Are Friendly (Instrumental)” (Le Maitre Music)
6.   MODE “Lo Fi Odyssey (Original & Remixes)” (Codek)
7.   Glimmers “Beats In Space” (Gomma)
8.   King Sporty & Root Rockers “Get On Down” (T.K. Disco)
9.   John Daly “Big Piano” (Drumpoet)
10.  Mock & Toof “Norman’s Eyes (M. Pagliara Remix)” (Tiny Sticks)

September 2010 Chart

1.   T-Coy “Carino (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix)” (Deconstruction)
2.   Ajello  “Crystal Babe” (Gomma)
3.   The Children “Freedom (Crucial Mix)” (DJ International)
4.   Ichisan “House Dance Conference (Pete Herbert Remix)” (Under The Shade)
5.   Instant Funk “Bodyshine” (Salsoul)
6.   Anton Romezz ” Dancing Around The Apple (Ajello Remix)” (Beatz For Freakz)
7.   Eddie C “Tell Me (Tornado Wallace Remix)” (Hometaping)
8.   Nocturnal Edit “Southern Nights” (Disco Deviance)
9.   Aereoplane “Superstar (The Krays Remix)” (Eskimo)
10.  Hit Man “Future Times” (Philly World Records)

August 2010 Chart

1.   Justin Vandervolgen “Clapping Song” (Golf Channel)
2.   Ajello  “Crystal Babe” (Gomma)
3.   Sterling Void “Serve It Up” (Clone Classic)
4.   Locussolus “Tan Sedan” (International Feel)
5.   Murphy Jax feat. Mike Dunn “It’s The Music (Alden Tyrell Remix)” (Clone)
6.   Huxley “Touch & Reach (Ajello Remix)” (Raw Cuts)
7.   The Heels Of Love “Crazy (Bubble Club Remix)” (UTS)
8.   Radiance “You’re My Number 1 (Dub )” (Are’n'Bee Records)
9.   Keemani “Blitz (Memoryman Remix)” (Manocalda)
10.  Queen Yahna “Ain’t It Time (Instrumental)” (P&P Records)

July 2010 Chart

1.   Idjut Boys “The Waterboard” (Droid)
2.   Space Ranger  “Shave Me I’m Famous (Ajello remix)’” (Lovemonk)
3.   Etienne De Crecy “Binary (Clap Rules Remix)” (Pixadelic)
4.   Five Sinners “Magic” (Eyes)
5.   Larry Heard “Missing You (Instrumental)” (Alleviated)
6.   Ajello “Windy Disco” (Demo Disc)
7.   Wavetest “For Real” (Drumpoet)
8.   L.U.P.O. “Heaven and Hell (Extended Mix)” (Low Spirit)
9.   Harold Faltermeyer “So High” (Clone)
10.  Asmus Tietchens “Zeebrugge” (Sky)